The community outreach Programme is targeted towards the rural communities. It is designed to address poverty and low productivity; commonly observed features of these rural communities. Central to Lift Saxum’s core mandate is taking enterprise solutions, business expansionary methods, technical and soft skills trainings and mentorship to individuals that thrive within remote locations. Lift Saxum recognizes the role of the rural areas in key economic aspects such as agriculture, mining, production and culture. The community outreach programme is a key tool for curbing massive rural to urban migrations through capacity development of the rural populace. Rural dwellers learn to create economic and social value for themselves within their respective environments by using culture, technology and skills to harness available local resources.


The trainings, 2-5 days each, are offered free of charge in the rural communities. It is open for women, men and the youth. It employs simple and practical methodology in the transference of skills and technology for the enhancement of life and productivity. LiftSaxum collaborates with different Skill Centres in cascading its rural trainings.