Enterprising WomenThe EW Programme is designed to create an entrepreneurial mindset in women above the age of 35 years through innovative business conceptualization, enterprise growth and sustainability through the impartation of effective business planning and development strategy skills.

Women are shown how to start small, be innovative and plan well. The Enterprising Women programme also focuses on the female entrepreneur and the creation of a stable work-home balance both in rural and urban settings. The programme supports women through entrepreneurial training, business technical assistance and a mentorship programme.Training Programme

The Enterprising Women Training Programme is a 2 month course offered at the Lift Saxum Training Facility. It is held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9am to 12noon. It focuses on the development of key entrepreneurial skills through lectures, brainstorming sessions, interactive games, field exercises and tests.

Lift Saxum leverages on her committed volunteer facilitator base of trainers and established entrepreneurs to ensure a balanced training programme. Enterprising Women are guided to prepare bankable business plans used to map their businesses and source business start-up or expansion funds from private financiers, grants, business competitions and commercial lenders.